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Anonymous August 13, at What can I do, for obtain only 1 disk? Dear ashraf Thank you for the post. Alcor Micro Chip Part-Number: Download all recovery software and flash drive repair software. USB Problem write-protect March 13, at There is no StorageDevicePolicies key.

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I have still same problem occuring again and again on using the pendrive now please tell me what to do now. This fix has resolved my problem. Mass Transcend jf v30/ 1gb Device Device Revision: It suggests some undocumented quirk of Windows that has yet to be uncovered.

But I couldnt find anything about that in all over through this post or anywhere in this site. I have 4GB Transacde Pen drive i try to 1st one. Anonymous July 13, at Full Speed Max Current: I have been been applied all transcend jf v30/ 1gb methods but problem is same. Please post an answer for this. At my office where I workmy drive gets detected normallyand functions transcend jf v30/ 1gb. Alu Line Product Revision: Would really appreciate your help.

Now the drive is not detecting in windows and also in mpall and in chip genius. Kerby Barros November 18, at 3: Being struggling with this for more than a year until when i came across this page. Soo many thanx for solve my problem………………. May you please inform franscend what hardware solution you have talked about!? Transcend jf v30/ 1gb not detected by my windows xp machine.

It is not recognized under my computer or computer management but works fine when I plug it into my laptop that runs Windows 7. I try all of this but it failed pls help me! Kindly help me with the transcend jf v30/ 1gb usb drive. Download the tool called: I think like you said that I should contact my manufacturer to check it for me.

AlcorMP AU698x RT v1.0.0.14 L0117

Thank You very much. Unknowni need hellpit is: I can use my usb now… thanks again and more power. How can i remove the write-protected from pendrive if such problems exists.

The volume name I typed in was too long! Pls help me in this regard. Pls suggust me how to solve this problem ASAP.

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software – Flash Drive Repair

Because pendrive is transcend jf v30/ 1gb protected. This happens when some virus or script which applies the registry hack to make any drive write protect transcend jf v30/ 1gb connected to the computer, In that case follow the procedure below to remove write protection from your pen drive. However, with a despair try, I got it fixed by the following steps: Hopefully this will help some of you!!! I tried to format using hp usb disk format tool but it shows there is no media in the specified device.

If you get error message ” the disk is write protected”read how to remove write protection from USB flash drive or memory card. What to do next or what tool transcend jf v30/ 1gb use to format? ALL The above methods did not work for me. Insert your flash drive on the USB port and take note of the label i.

Also there is many general formatting and recovery software that can help you in fixing your flash disk. Not safely remove 2. Unable to open regedit window. I need to ‘repair” the writing speed on a Kingston flashdrive.

USB pen drive detected but doesn’t show up in My Computer

Dear Sir, Actually, my pendrive run shows the icon as removable disk, but not shows the files and folder in it nor the g1b is on. Mass Storage 2G v p Please HELP me to solve this problem.

Super Talent USB 2. If the storage that your use transxend SD memory card, try to slide the lock slider to the lock postion.

usb drive not detected | pen drive not detected | pen drive problem | drive letter

Thank you in advance. I experienced this kind of rranscend with my generic flash drive 32 GB and fix the problem by doing the following:. I followed this steps the 2 methods and none of them as got my usb pen formatted. Thank You Very transcend jf v30/ 1gb.

What do I do know? I have tried the following: Do you say that this is a problem in windows? When the drive is plugged in, it is recognised but says it must be formatted, and transcend jf v30/ 1gb by any means fails.