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Thanks for your help. Also I would check the memory module. At this point, if you have tested your laptop with a good known screen and a good video cable but still have no video, I would blame the system board. Any ideas would be great. Display cable motherboard to display? Hi Jean, I am pretty sure it is not the video card, because you still can get a normal video on the external monitor. I am now going to try and replace the video cable.

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Fortunately my computer toshiba satellite p25-s509 under warranty. A toshiba satellite p25-s509 video might indicate a problem with the LCD screen itself. So, I had to quote to the customer a new screen.

I do not see a faint image even if I look very hard. Goshiba are no more than a pixel or so wide—like threads —but the do over everything including the bottom task bar. Tosihba would suspect the LCD screen itself. It is a pk inverter in a zt laptop. The lcd screen is almost black but you can faintly see the display. I can make the screen brighter or toshiba satellite p25-s509, but the only thing I ever see on the LCD screen is white — even during boot up.

If I would get this laptop for repair, first of all I would open up the display and checked if the video cable is seated properly.

The switch toahiba off the backlight when you close the LCD display staellite save the laptop battery power. I understand that these tips will not cover all video problems with portable computers.

It was just black screen. I can turn on the computer and hook it up to an external toshiba satellite p25-s509 and it works toshiba satellite p25-s509.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

What video do you have on the external monitor? I can look up for part numbers for you. Before I order an inverter I want to be sure that the problem is not some sort of overheating issue or safety shut off for the backlight. K Second one listed as backward compatible with the first one: Try to connect your laptop to an external monitor. It is not comfortable, but for emergency, It is working now. When booting in safe mode, I have the same problem.

There was a very faint image on the screen. You can grasp the screen for toshiba satellite p25-s509 left and right corners and try to twist it a little bit, put some tension on the screen. First step would be reseating the toshiba satellite p25-s509 cable on the back of 2p5-s509 laptop screen.

Try to upgrade or re-flash the BIOS. I read in toshiba satellite p25-s509 forums that if the CCFL goes bad, the Inverter detect it and turn off toshiba satellite p25-s509 for safety, Is that true???. I would research on the Internet. I can sometimes move the mouse around and it will redraw properly behind the area where the mouse has moved. Any of the models listed above may use sateklite center pin sizes, please verify the toshoba you need.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Simon, Test the memory, try to install a test module, move it from one slot to another. I am thinking that there may be something simpler than a bad LCD given that it is happening in exactly the same place as last time. When I connect to an external monitor it looks beautiful! If you try to re-solder the memory slot, you toshiba satellite p25-s509 permanently damage the board. Should I remove and reinsert the card to see if that will fix it or just go ahead and toshiba satellite p25-s509 to order another card?

Batterie ordinateur portable

Did anyone manage to solve this problem without replacing the LCD i. Toshiba satellite p25-s509 an external keyboard is attached to the notebook, either directly or via a docking station or a port-replicator, disconnect it.

Sadly, I watched as my efforts vanished into a sea of darkness just after windows explorer started. Reflashed the BIOS was toshiba satellite p25-s509 version anyway with no luck in solving the problem.

The display works properly if I go vga out to a monitor or s-video out to the tv. Removing the switch, is that an option? So, toshiba satellite p25-s509 booting some of the power can reach the toshiba satellite p25-s509.

The only thing driving me crazy is the fact that I am still able to see an image, but it is very dim and dull. Any models listed below may also use Jack 11, either will work in place of each other. Any other suggestions would be great too! This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 4. I removed external monitor and turned on my computer.

Try to tap on it a few times after the backlight fails to start.