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The nx models came with 15 or 14 screen and the part numbers are the same, both for nx and nc series screens. One day we had two laptops in our shop failing exactly the same way as yours. Try reseating the video cable connection on the back of the screen. Everyone check the connection on the back of the lcd screen. Your first try was right:

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Jordana Sonyy 7, Nev February 2, Could be bad LCD screen sony vaio pcg-7y1m motherboard video card problem. I am ready sony vaio pcg-7y1m order a new screen But because the screen is white. Can you help please? I connected the cable from my Toshiba Satellite laptop to my TV today to view slides — worked perfectly. In certain positions it is fine. Margaret May 14, The screen jumps and little then burns into a white and doesnt allow me to aony or work.

I still can see something in the top of the screen. Nick October 11, Initial problem was sony vaio pcg-7y1m dark screen. Rkill from this site: Cj…Could it possibly be a variation of the white screen virus?

Gently snap front cover back into place, replace screws and rubber stops.

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Eric Naranjo March 7, Just want to mention something on what Chris said above. It seems the longer I let the monitor rest the longer I have until it turns to white and then colors. I already backed-up my important files to my harddrive with gb sony vaio pcg-7y1m if ever my laptop will be reformat.

I tried reconnect the cable between LCD and motherboard. The problem solve only for 1 day but come back with the same symptom. Can you recreate this problem on the external monitor? Well anyway thank you for your time please email me sony vaio pcg-7y1m. JAS November 11, Try reseating memory modules. I have done work on desktops, but never a laptop and not completely sure about tearing it up.

Thus it is neither showing white screen nor working properly. For me just to take it to a computer repair store is Hi everyone,i am from Mauritius an my problem is about my laptop. sony vaio pcg-7y1m

LCD screen turned completely white

Is this usually sony vaio pcg-7y1m video connection? After this test I can tell that the problem must be related to the screen. Could be loose connection between the video cable and motherboard or LCD screen, failing LCD screen, motherboard problem. I want to put my c in a totally custom case, and need to find sony vaio pcg-7y1m if a sont lcd plug is the same as on my c… and whether the system can take the strain of the larger panel battery life is nothing to me ….

Koteswara Rao February 22, I can hear the sound.

After stumbling upon this site I think my problem is in the connection to the screen. You can try replacing the inverter board first.

Troubleshooting laptops with black screens will be similar. Only when i turn it off completely and then turn it on the image is ok, but only in sony vaio pcg-7y1m up sequence. And I ran diagnosticall checks passed.

Also, because of broken hinges I can see sony vaio pcg-7y1m the sony vaio pcg-7y1m to the LCD is cut a little, but even taping it, it displays only white screen. Recently, the display comes back very rarely.

Advisor June 5, pcg-7t1m Douglas February 24, Hi my laptop never had a white screen before! Can you get video on the external monitor?

Lieferschein als Garantiebeleg? (Computer, Recht)

Appreciate your taking the time to share your experiences. The screen is usually fine until I start some more demanding sony vaio pcg-7y1m, like tests or video games. New screen only white.

Connect your laptop to an external monitor and test external image.