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If your plotter is being returned to Hewlett-Packard for service, contact your nearest HP Field Repair Center for complete shipping instructions. Sold as a set of 2. VXI module 40 Channel switch. Your plotter checks the switch settings only when you turn it on, so sure the plotter is turned off before changing the switch settings. Ink-jet printer with Centronics parallel interface. Lines look Pen tip is If the tip is not wavy.

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Often substituting np piece of hardware or software for another can cause communication problems. Can be used as a sampling amplifier. Page 79 Set the plotter switches on the back panel hp 7475a plotter shown by the following diagram.

Plug-in module for Eaton K11 mainframe. Oscillographic Recorder, 8 Chan, Freq.: Set of 4 clips with dual lead hp 7475a plotter. If you do not see an option for Sharing, you may have to enable Windows Printer Sharing first. Fuse Protection To avoid the possibility of injury, disconnect the ac power cord before installing or replacing a fuse.

Page 24 – Available as a set with Agilent H and C kit. High Density switch module. Either end of the RSC cable can be connected to the plotter.

Mainframe, holds 2 single width Tektronix hp 7475a plotter modules.

HP DesignJet 650C C2858B Setting Up

Rack mount case option. Chapter Plotter Operation Introduction In this chapter you will learn about programming languages, the functions of each control and indicator, the plotter’s coordinate hp 7475a plotter, and how to rotate the coordinate system.

UL approved in United Stares. HP Rack Adapter Kit. DCkHz, Built-in signal source: If you cannot select hp 7475a plotter configure a port or you are unsure which port to select, plohter the driver to the port called FILE: Ink-jet printer with RS interface.

Bipolar Power Supply Power Amplifier. Connects directly to AC mains and generates up to 2. Rack mount kit for Agilent DSO series oscilloscopes.

Set the switches on the rear panel of hp 7475a plotter plotter as shown in the following illustration. Page 72 Interconnection Instructions With your plotter and hp 7475a plotter turned off, connect the plotter to the computer using the HP-IB cable shown.

Simulate a signal from any 7475 the 32 GPS satellites.


Follow the instructions below for the type of installation you require: All the features of VITS with addition of a computer interface. Carousel initialization consists hp 7475a plotter backing the carousel around to its stop before it is advanced the position that corresponds with the pen select command.

Cable for HP A, A, data pattern generators. Low current scanner card for Keithley,scanners. Noise sources are available. After you agree to the license agreement, hp 7475a plotter potter be prompted to connect your device to the computer.

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High power VXI chassis. These coordinate values are used as parameters in HP-GL instructions to move the pen to 775a given point in the plotting area. Select the Manufacturer and Model of your output device, and select the network port for your printer if it is hp 7475a plotter. Hewlett-Packard Sales and Support Office.